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Fitness has indicators like body weight, body mass index, muscle mass, bone mass, body water, etc. And if you’re serious about getting fit and healthy, and hitting your targets, you’ll need to accurately measure your stats and properly track your progress. Otherwise, you won’t be able to gauge how efficient, effective and appropriate your diet and workout plans are and that is where a body fat scale is extremely helpful.  Below we will discuss the best body fat scale options in the market today and hopefully be able to accurately guide you to make the best possible decision to fit your needs.

Now, while a tape measure and a mechanical weighing scale can give you a glimpse of your fitness status in terms of your body weight and measurements, the information they provide is quite limited and doesn’t really paint a comprehensive picture of your physical condition and the progress you’re making with the efforts you’re investing in your health. So, to maximize your labor and hard work, and to keep you inspired and motivated in reaching your fitness goals, it’s highly recommended that you also invest in a quality body fat analyzer.

What’s A Body Fat Analyzer (aka Body Fat Scale)?

body fat scaleBasically, a body fat analyzer is a digital bathroom scales or portable handheld analyzers designed to measure a number of fitness indicators other than just your body weight. They generally use small electric current to read one’s body weight, body mass index, bone mass, muscle mass, body water and other indicators depending on the model and technology used. As such, they’re able to provide a bigger and better picture of your health condition or fitness status than what you’d get from a typical mechanical dial weighing scale.

Some models also have Wifi or Bluetooth functions so you can quickly and conveniently transfer your fitness stats from your digital bathroom scale to your smartphones. This feature allows users to track their progress so they can assess how effective, efficient and appropriate their workout and diet plans are in helping them reach their ultimate fitness goals. Body fat analyzers with connectivity functions can be a bit on the high-end in terms of price but there are also some that are quite affordable and are still accurate enough to provide you with reliable data. The beauty of this technology is you won’t have to manually take note of your measurements and monitor the changes over a period of time since you can easily store and sync your profile with scale-compatible fitness apps, which you can download for free or purchase and install on your smartphones. Some of these apps not only allow users to store their data and track their progress but also generate graphic presentation of data so users can easily view, interpret and analyze their progress. Some body fat analyzers have 90-day memory storage capacity while some even have 180-day memory, which allows users to save their fitness stats for a longer period of time. This is particularly useful if you’ll need to track your progress while following a long-term training or nutrition program.

Apart from the ability to measure various fitness indicators and to send, store and track your data and progress through your smart phones, some body fat analyzers also have multiple-user capacity, which is a very useful features especially for households with more than one member who needs or would like to monitor their fitness data and progress as well. Digital bathroom scales with such feature can also automatically detect and access the user’s profile once he or she steps on the scale.

If you’re always on the go, you simply can’t bring your bathroom scale with you anywhere you go. Fortunately, there are portable handheld body fat analyzers, which you can bring with you even when you’re on your travel so you can still conveniently track your progress even when you’re away from home. All you need to do is put your hands on the grips and you’ll get your measurements in seconds.

There are also some digital bathroom scales that come with wearable fitness wristbands so you can monitor your fitness stats while you’re out running or working out in the gym. These wristbands, as small and portable as they also have WiFi and Bluetooth function so you can transfer your data quickly and conveniently. They also come in trendy designs so you won’t only feel good about being fit and healthy but also look good and fashionable. Like the fitness wristbands, digital bathroom scales also come in sleek designs to match the interior of your room.

Why do you need a Body Fat Percentage Scale?

best body fat scaleIf you want to be fit and healthy, you’ll need to do it the right way. You’ll need to exercise and eat the right way. You need to know your baseline and your targets. And for you to be able to know where you currently stand in terms of your fitness level and for you to be able to set the right fitness goals and objectives, you’ll need to have fitness indicators, which you can measure and monitor. This is how a body fat analyzer or digital bathroom scale can be of great use to you and your other household members.

It’s always gratifying when you step on the scale, whether digital or mechanical, and see that your days, weeks or months of working out and sticking to your diet finally paid off and that you’ve lost some weight. But a gain or a loss in body weight is not and should not be your only indicator for saying that you’re on the right track towards achieving your fitness goals. While it’s one of the things that you need to monitor and keep under control, there are other fitness indicators that you should also balance with your weight and take into consideration if you are to be perfectly fit and healthy. Otherwise, you’ll only be looking at one facet of fitness and lose sight of the other important factors that can significantly affect your body’s health. That can be dangerous as it can cause you to focus too much on counting calories and losing weight and fail to address your body’s other needs or pay attention to other factors like your body mass, muscle mass, and body water, which when neglected, can negatively affect your bodily function regardless of how ideal your weight may be.

Having settled that physical fitness is a multi-faceted thing and is not merely about losing or gaining weight, it’s but appropriate and necessary to point out how important it is to have a device that’s designed to and has the capacity to cater to your need to accurately and, preferably quickly and conveniently, measure different fitness indicators as well as track your progress over a period of time. With our generally fast-paced lifestyle, anything that would easily give us a snapshot of our fitness status is definitely something to appreciate and consider.

When you’re able to see a more comprehensive picture of your fitness condition, and track your progress after a certain period of time, you’ll have easier time assessing and evaluating how effective, efficient and appropriate your training program, workout plan, or diet is. You’ll also be able to check which of the fitness components need to be addressed, prioritized or given more attention so you can make proper and necessary changes or adjustments to your exercise routine, the food you eat, or your lifestyle, in general. Depending on your baseline and target, you’ll know when you need to do more of high-intensity exercises and less of cardio or more of strength-training or muscle-building exercises. You’ll know when you need to increase your carb intake or have less of it. You’ll know when you need to burn more calories and grow more muscles. You’ll know when you need to speed up or slow down in terms of your physical activities. Simply said, you’ll have a clearer view of where you’re currently at in terms of your health fitness, where you want to be at how you’ll get there without wasting your time, money, effort, and other valuable resources.

We all want to keep our bodies fit and healthy, and part of which includes not just having the right knowledge but also using the right equipment or devices like body fat analyzers to guide us on our way to reaching our fitness goals.

How Accurate is a Body Fat Analyzer?

Before we discuss how accurate these fitness devices are, let’s take a look first at how they work.
Body fat scales generally apply Bioelectrical Impedance technology whereby small electrical charges run from one leg to the other and passing through the pelvis. Our muscles are conductors of electricity so once the scale’s sensors detect movement the moment you step on the surface, the scale sends out electrical current through your legs, and estimates the amount of resistance, which the scale then uses to generate your body fat percentage reading using a certain formula. Your age, gender, body type, height and weight are also factored in.

Now, let’s move to how accurate body fat scales are.

Since water retention is a factor in our muscles being conductors of electricity, varying hydration levels raise questions as to how accurate and reliable body fat scales are in calculating body fat percentage. However, this shouldn’t keep you from considering trying one out since there’s a proper way of using this type of scale such that you get the most of it and benefit largely from it. One of the ways by which you can maximize the things this type of fitness device has to offer is by regularly taking your body fat readings. Set a specific time for getting on the scale and make it a routine. Apart from being consistent with the time you take your readings, being consistent with your diet and water intake also helps in keeping accurate readings of your body fat percentage every time you step on the scale.

When it comes to accuracy, another advantage of using body fat scales over mechanical weighing scales is it gives you an idea of how much body fat you’ve lost over time while growing muscles through high-intensity body-building workouts. This may not necessarily register or record a weight loss on typical weighing scales but it’s definitely something you’ll come to know and celebrate only when you get to step on a body fat scale. And while it would be better to measure your whole body fat and not just those in your legs, the readings that these devices provide are generally indicative of your fitness status. Most body fat analyzers also come in reasonable prices so you’re likely to get high fitness value for your money if ever you decide to get one for yourself of your family.

Since these analyzers take into account other factors such as your height, weight, gender, age, and body density, the results you’ll get would also be relative to not just to your biological composition but also to the biological changes happening to your body as you age. Ordinary weighing scales do not have this capacity since they’re only designed to measure weight without factoring in other important health and fitness components or variables. A particular body fat scale model may be applying a formula different from another model. In which case, it’s likely that the two scales would generate different results but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re not accurate.

If you’re after taking a holistic approach to fitness, it’s highly recommended that you consider investing in a body fat analyzer. It gives you a handle not just on your weight but also on your body composition, which you’ll need to regularly monitor and keep track of if you’re committed to staying fit and healthy for as long as you’re willing and able to be.

Of course, you can’t simply rely on the device to do the work for you. It can guide you and provide you with the information you need so you can properly set your baseline and fitness target but that’s as far as the device can help you. Keeping your body fit and healthy would depend largely on your commitment to doing what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle.

Top 7 Body Fat Analyzers

  1. Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer
    If accuracy’s the name of the game, this one’s a top contender, if not the champion. Among the various bathroom scales you’ll find in the market, scale doesn’t just accurately read your weight and body fat but also monitors your heart rate and even the quality of air in the room. It’s also WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled so you can send your data to your smart phone and track it through the Health Mate app, which comes with the purchase.
  2. EatSmart Precision GetFit Scale
    This bathroom scale comes with a sleek design and reads body fat, bone and muscle mass, and body water. It’s ideal for households with up to eight people who want to track their data as it can store a maximum of 8 user profiles, which the scale can automatically detect and project once a particular user steps on the unit. It has no Bluetooth or Internet connectivity but is still worth the price considering how accurate and of great quality it is.
  3. Omron Fat Loss Monitor
    Measuring body fat and Body Mass Index (BMI) through electric current that runs through its handles is the Omron handheld body fat analyzer. This portable fat loss monitor is quite simple to use and works just like the hand-grip heart rate monitors you’ll find in most gyms. Simply hold the grips with your hands and you’ll have your readings in seconds.
  4. Omron Body Composition Monitor
    This one provides readings for more fitness indicators, seven in total, than the Omron Fat Loss Monitor does. However, it can store only a maximum of four different user profiles. It measures your body fat, visceral fat, body mass as well as your skeletal muscle, body age and weight, and your resting metabolism. You may opt for the less expensive version with 90-day memory or go for the 180-day memory version, which may be a more practical option if you have the money for it.
  5. Fitbit Aria WIFI Smart Scale
    When it comes to technology, this scale with fitness wristband is simply ahead of the game. Not only is the wristband fashionably wearable, it also has WiFi function so you can easily upload your data such as your weight, and body fat and also track your stats. It can also generate graphic presentation of your progress and conveniently monitor it. In terms of price, it’s a bit on the high end but it sure is worth the investing in.
  6. Tanita Ironman Body Composition Monitor
    If you’re looking for a completely accurate and comprehensive reading of your fitness indicators such as your bone mass, body weight, body fat and body water, then this Elite Series with Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) is something for your list. It’s expensive but definitely gives value for money.
  7. Weight Gurus Body Fat Scale
    What’s special about this body fat scale is that part of the proceeds from every unit sold is used for charitable activities.


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